He Knows What He Will Do

The opening verses of John 6 provide an account of Jesus feeding 5,000 with two fish and five loaves. Jesus prepares to work this miracle by asking one of his disciples, “Where shall we buy bread…?” (v. 5).
Philip’s response is rather reasonable. He points out that buying a catered meal for 5,000 people at a moment’s notice is going to be VERY expensive! However, John tells us that Jesus asked this question to test Philip (v. 6).

Of course, Jesus didn’t need to worry about that budget. He is the one who created everything, and the master of the universe! He was drawing Philip’s attention to that fact.

Once Jesus had Philip’s attention, He proceeded to miraculously provide food for each and every person who was there. He didn’t give them just a little bit. He gave them an all-you-can-eat buffet (v. 11)! The food that was left over from the feast far exceeded the amount that they had at the beginning.
Like Philip, we can be in the presence of the Master, yet loose sight of His greatness. He knows our needs, and He knows what is best. He also knows what He can and will do for us. Our part is to follow His instructions and simply trust His power.

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