I Am The Door

In John 10:7 we find a third of the seven “I AM’s” of the book of John. Jesus is the door of the sheep. He is the only authorized path for us to enter in. He is also the one who serves to keep us safe and secure. Jesus mentions that there had been other teachers, but that they were thieves, trying to lead God’s people away from the truth. No doubt, there have been many more since.

When we come to Jesus as the only true path to God, He makes us three promises. First, we will be saved (v. 9). Outside the safety of Jesus’ protection, there as a lion seeking our souls (1 Peter 5:8). He saves us from that destruction and then keeps us safe.

Second, we will find pasture (v. 9). This reference calls to mind the words of Psalm 23. Jesus promises to provide for our needs. While this certainly has some physical implications, more importantly, He provides all of our spiritual needs.

Finally, He will find abundant life (v. 10). He doesn’t just promise life. He promises that it will be abundant. This speaks both to the eternal nature of it, but also to the rich fullness of a life lived in Christ!

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