I Am The Good Shepherd

John 10:11 contains the fourth “I AM” of the Gospel of John. “I am the good shepherd.” Jesus paints a stark contrast between the good shepherd, who is the owner of the sheep, and a hireling who has no attachment to or investment in the sheep but is only there for personal gain.

As the good shepherd, Jesus has done and continues to do whatever is necessary to keep His people safe and secure. This is because He loves us! Because of His love, He laid down His life that we might live. In John 15:13, we learn that this is the greatest love that a person can show for another.

As the good shepherd, Jesus sacrificed for us, but not only that, He knows us. He knows our needs, our struggles, our fears, our desires, even the things that we cannot put into words. He knows. And He cares!

The other side of this is that Jesus’ sheep know Him. They learn to listen for His voice and follow at His command. We follow, not because we have to, but because we want to; because we love Him, too. Do you know the good shepherd?

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