Jesus Wept

Those are the words of the shortest verse in the English Bible, John 11:35. That verse is full of love and compassion. We see Jesus’ love for Martha and Mary. His heart is broken for the pain they are suffering. His heart is broken for Lazarus, who is resting in eternity, having finished a faithful life, but is about to be pulled back into this vail of sorrow. His heart is broken because He feels the pain of loss that the death of His friend brings.

Our Savior truly understands our suffering. He has walked through those fires, and shed those bitter tears before us, and for us. Martha had greeted Jesus by saying, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died” (v. 21). Then when Mary came, she repeated that same thought (v. 32). He wept because He saw their pain, and He knew that they didn’t understand why He had allowed that to happen. He knew that they didn’t know what He was about to do.

When suffering comes into our lives, sometimes we feel as though our Lord has abandoned us; left us to deal with pain alone. Yet, He is there. He sees our pain, and he cares. he also knows what lies beyond, and He knows what is best.

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